Food Photography Project for Ottoman Turkish Restaurant

Food photography project for Turkish BBQ Restaurant Ottoman based in Newcastle upon Tyne

Mixed Cold Platter - Humus, Cacik, Broad Beans, Kisir, Yaprak Sarma
Mixed Hot Platter - Sucuk, Falafel, Musja Boregi, Hellim, Pacanga Boregi
Albanian Liver - Diced lamb's liver lightly laced with flour and paprika then fried & served with onion salad
Falafel - Crushed broad beans, chick peas, onion, peppers, celery, coriander, parsley & garlic. Deep fried & served on humus
Soup of the Day - Server with Bread
Pirzola - Lamb cutlets marinated with herbs & chargrilled
Chicken Shish - Marinated chicken breast pieces char-grilled on skewers.
Mixed Grill - Selection of marinated lamb & chicken shish, adana and a chargrilled lamb cutlet
Pirzola - Lamb cutlets marinated with herbs & chargrilled
Guvec - Diced lamb or chicken cooked in an individual clay dish with mushrooms, spinach, aubegines, courgettes, onions, tomatoes, green peppers, garlic & herbs in our special sauce and served with rice
Iskender - Chargrilled adana, lamb shish or chicken shish on a bed of flat bread covered with special tomato sauce flavoured with butter and mint. Server with yogurt
Kleftiko - Lamb shank slowly cooked in oven.
Tandir Kebab - Tender lamb shoulder slowly cooked with special sauce and served with rice
Baklava - Filo pastry with nuts & honey syrup.
Kazandibi - Turkish milk pudding baked & caramelized
This was a great project, especially as we got to eat all the food after taking the photos
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